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Crillco is focused on auditing as a science. We will analyse all relevant information streams and study the detail of the results to formulate patterns created by each of our clients’ business models. Each client has a different model based on the location and type of business employed.

The understanding of each business on an individual basis, even where a client participates in a group Business model, is of key importance to helping the management teams in place, understand their business, and react to trends, and challenges they may incur in the business cycle. This is where our expertise with over 25 years in the Food and Beverage Industry excels.

We offer a Professional Service honed from stocktaking for many of the World’s leading Hotel, Bar and Restaurant Chains and Companies throughout London, The South East of England and Ireland. Crillco is the No1 Choice for your business and your Profits.

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  Our Services

  • Beverage Stock Control
  • Food Inventory Control
  • Food Valuations & Certificates of Value
  • Beverage Costings & GP Projections
  • Food Menu Costings and GP Projections
  • Tender Purchasing Management
  • Beverage Valuations & Certificates of Value

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We have used Crillco as our Stock Management Company mainly as we had worked with Ian Crilly in the UK as our External Auditor and found the work presented to be of high quality as well as the understanding of Food & Beverage as a system due in the main to the high level of experience obviously within these roles by Ian himself. The reports are clear, concise and informative. When Crillco began operating in Ireland we had no hesitation in bring them on board as our External F & B Audit team.